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Website Design and Web Development Services in Manchester

Web Design and Web Development Manchester

We design and develop beautiful, award winning websites for clients in Manchester.

Our websites are recognised for their creativity, usability and performance. Every website we build is unique and built for purpose.

Many of our websites are large and complex, with deep business integration. Many of our websites are business-critical and we provide full support and outsourced management services to our clients to keep their websites going and going.

First impressions count. While research, analysis and business objectives drive much of your content, the visual aesthetics that define and frame that content are equally critical.

A simple yet sophisticated web design not only eases a user's entry and journey through your site, but it also influences their perceptions of trust and confidence in your corporate brand as well as the actual content viewed.
One design to fit all shapes and sizes. Whether undertaking a complete brand refresh or working from existing design guidelines, we pride ourselves on crafting engaging responsive interfaces that 'work' seamlessly across multiple devices, screen sizes and content management systems.

An evolving digital ecosystem. Having established the optimal user experience (UX), any intuitive design must be flexible enough to absorb change as needed, plus easily integrate social, mobile, CRM, email marketing and a host of other digital interactions as your business demands and content strategy evolves.

Content is king. We're a bit biased towards responsive design. That is, a single version of your digital assets rendered perfectly irrespective of the device or screen size used to view it.

And with the unparallelled uptake of smartphones, across all demographics and business sectors, even within intranet and portal design, it makes sense in most cases to future proof your site with a responsive design.

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Content Management Systems - CMS Websites Manchester

We build accessible, dynamic and easy to use Content Management Systems for our clients in Manchester.

CMS is web jargon referring to Content Management Systems. A CMS website is one where you, the client, can update the content of the website yourself, without knowing any fancy code or owning extra software packages. CMS websites can built on a variety of frameworks, the most popular and user-friendly being the Open-source system: WordPress.

When should I consider using a CMS?
1. If your site requires frequent updates to images or text content
2. If your site carries large amounts of content
3. If you want to update and maintain your site yourself
4. If you want other people to contribute to your site

CMS websites allow for quick access to content changes and allow your website to grow as needed. You can add new sections to your website, new pages, menu items, galleries and blog posts as your business and client-base expands.

Most CMS websites run on a software framework that connects to a database and provides an administration area for the website owner to login and make updates through. When considering a framework for your new CMS website, we strongly recommend using Open-source platforms, such as WordPress. As opposed to proprietary frameworks, there are no initial or on-going licence fees to use Open-source frameworks.

As a website owner this not only saves you indefinite on-going costs, but also ensures you are not "tied-down" to one Web Design company and are instead free to move your website to another company should the need ever arise.

Open-source frameworks are so popular these days that many third-party developers have created hundreds of additional plugins to enhance the functionality of the website. These range from Social Media plugins, SEO and performance plugins, Image and Video gallery plugins and more, often available for free or at minimal cost. The result is a very flexible, scalable solution which will future-proof your new website as much as possible.

With an increasing percentage of users researching services and purchasing products from Tablets and mobile phone, a key focus of any online business should be to deliver the best possible browsing experience at all times and on all devices. Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer an optional extra, but now a crucial, core ingredient in online marketing strategy and business success.

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Commerce Websites - Online Shops Manchester

We create bespoke, multifunctional and easy to use CEcommerce solutions for our clients in and around Manchester.

Selling stuff online is one of our passions and we are recognised as a leader in developing high-performance transactional and Ecommerce websites and applications.

We develop a broad range of Ecommerce websites, from traditional catalogue Ecommerce stores to selling memberships to taking a commission for listing an ad.

We have unique and ongoing Ecommerce optimisation services; we help our clients collect and analyse their data, supported with qualitative data, to develop insights that help us learn, improve and grow.

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