Six String Stickers E-commerce Website and Branding

E-commerce Website + Branding


Six String Stickers design and produce stickers and vinyl covers for guitars. They create the designs from “Original” hand illustrated sketches. Each piece of artwork is then digitally reproduced by graphic designers and digital artists.

We created several design concepts for the logo, with the client favouring the guitar plectrum style idea, which is enhanced on all business stationery by using a gold foil finish on a matt black background.

The website is built around a Wordpress framework and runs on a custom theme, with a WooCommerce integration for the store functionality.
Each product, from Stickers to Apparel have numerous variations and pricing structures, so we created attributes where the user can can select the size, style and colour.

Design Services

E-commerce Design
UX Design
UI Design
Logo Design
Market Research
Custom Typography
Colour Theory
Brand Design
Branding Guide
Payment Integration

Six String Stickers Logo Design and Brand Development
Black and Gold Foil Printed Business Cards
Branded Gold Foil Compliment Slip Design and Printing
e-Commerce Product Page Design and Development with Product Options

Animated Layering of Guitar Vinyl