We’re Updating Our Hosting

We’re Updating Our Hosting For All Of Our Clients

Throughout 2018, we will be updating our hosting packages for all of our clients.

If you have been with us for a while, we will soon be upgrading your hosting to faster, more secure servers.

Not only should you see improvements on the speed of your website, but you’ll also have the HTTPS secure green padlock in the address bar of your browser, showing that your site is secure and can be trusted.

What is HTTPS?

Recently, Google announced a change to its Chrome browser that would clearly show the user that they are browsing on an unsecure site by showing a red padlock with an “X.”

This update by Google, along with other companies’ updates, is part of an effort to Encrypt All the Things, a huge push toward HTTPS and creating more secure forms of web browsing.

While HTTPS may be something that you’ve heard before, you may not completely understand what it is and why it’s so important.

What Does HTTPS Mean?

HTTPS is a modification of the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) standard used to allow the exchange of content on the Internet.

The “S” stands for SECURE, which means the HTTP connection is encrypted, preventing exchanged information from being read in plain text, or “as you see it.”

Even if someone were to somehow obtain the encrypted data shared in the exchange, it would be nonsense with nearly no means of decryption to retrieve the original content. Think of HTTPS as locking a door before starting a meeting; only the parties in the room can see what is happening.

Why Is HTTPS Important?

Generally, unsecured HTTP activity can be read by anyone on the same network, such as your Internet service provider or people you share access with on a home network.

But if your device, network or the website you’re using is compromised, or if you’re on an unsecured public network like at a coffee shop, this activity can be seen by anyone.

While your information may not be in danger at home, unsecured networks may make you susceptible to scammers or other malicious individuals.

So HTTPS is a means of ensuring privacy, security and a way of authenticating that the site you’re on is the one you intended to visit.

For further information on HTTPS, or to find out more about our hosting packages, please contact us.